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Ureteroscopy with Laser Lithotripsy


This is also a minimally invasive procedural treatment used in the management of kidney or ureteral stones. In this procedure, performed under anesthesia on an outpatient basis, a small ureteroscope is placed through the urethra, into the bladder and up the ureter in order to identify the stone. No cuts or incisions are made into the skin. A laser fiber is then threaded through the ureteroscope and is used to destroy the stone under direct vision. Stone pieces are then either removed entirely or are broken into sand which will pass on its own. Frequently, after the procedure, a thin silicone tube called a stent is inserted internally and temporarily to allow any swelling in the ureter to subside. Surgery usually lasts about 60 to 90 minutes and well over 90% of patients will go home the same day. This is either removed by the patient several days after the procedure, or is removed by the doctor in the office.

Ureteroscopy has a number of benefits over ESWL, including high stone free rates, a lower rate of need for repeat procedure, and the ability to retrieve a portion of the stone for further chemical analysis for future stone prevention. Dr. Berookhim is a highly experienced endoscopic surgeon who can easily manage most stones requiring treatment through a ureteroscopic approach.


Why Men's Health Manhattan?

At Men’s Health Manhattan, we are proud to offer a comprehensive program for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of urinary kidney stones or stone disease. As you may know, symptomatic kidney stones can be very painful and lead to time lost from work and the need for significant medications to control the pain. Not all kidney stones are symptomatic and not all stones need surgical or procedural management. Among symptomatic kidney stones, the vast majority will pass on their own within a few days of onset of symptoms with the help of aggressive hydration, pain control and medication to potentially help pass the stone. . 

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