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Kidney Stones

At Men’s Health Manhattan, we are proud to offer a comprehensive program for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of urinary kidney stones or stone disease. As you may know, symptomatic kidney stones can be very painful and lead to time lost from work and the need for significant medications to control the pain. Not all kidney stones are symptomatic and not all stones need surgical or procedural management. Among symptomatic kidney stones, the vast majority will pass on their own within a few days of onset of symptoms with the help of aggressive hydration, pain control and medication to potentially help pass the stone.

Stones which are symptomatic are those that are obstructing the ureter, which is the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder. Nonobstructing stones in the kidney can often be observed, although larger stones will frequently require more definitive treatment.

Due to the clear effect on quality of life from larger, obstructing stones, at Men’s Health Manhattan, we will make every effort to see patients for urgent appointments with proven ureteral stones over 5 mm in size. Please provide information as to the size and location of the stone when making the appointment so that we can prioritize your appointment.

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