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What is TURP?

TURP (transurethral resection of prostate)  is the gold standard surgical procedure for the management of enlarged prostate/BPH. Among patients who have failed medical therapy, or in patients who are dissatisfied with the use of medications, TURP is an option to definitively cure the underlying condition. Patients undergoing a TURP may have failed some of the less invasive available procedures, or may be more likely to benefit from a more definitive procedure due to the shape of their prostate.


How is TURP performed?

TURP is performed in an ambulatory surgery setting with either general or spinal/epidural anesthesia. There are no incisions or cuts made in the skin. The surgery is performed endoscopically through a telescope which is inserted through the urethra or urine channel. The prostate tissue is then shaved away through this scope and is removed from within the bladder. The surgery takes about 1 hour. The majority of our patients go home the same day.

What are the benefits of TURP?

TURP is a definitive procedure to open an obstructed bladder outlet. Relief of urinary symptoms tends to be immediate after the procedure. About 80% of patients undergoing a TURP will see a significant improvement in their urinary complaints.

What are the risks of TURP?

TURP is associated with a few side effects. Erectile dysfunction after this procedure is rare and very uncommon. More commonly, men will complain of an absence of semen at the time of orgasm - that is to say that the man will experience a sexual climax but no fluid will come out. This is in no way dangerous and does not otherwise affect one’s sexual experience. There is also a rare risk of urinary incontinence and infection.

Is it covered by insurance?

Generally speaking, yes.

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