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Surgical Sperm Extraction/TESE

Success rates, in terms of finding sperm, are usually in the high 95% range.

Among couples where the male partner has had a previous vasectomy and has had a change of heart, office-based miniTESE provides an alternative method of sperm retrieval with a 5 minute office procedure to retrieve sperm for use with IVF. In other couples presenting with a sperm count, the miniTESE may be a useful alternative to microTESE. At Men’s Health Manhattan, we have one of the highest volume practices in New York, performing miniTESE procedures multiple times per month.


How is miniTESE performed?

In this procedure, the patient undergoes a 10 minute office based procedure under local anesthesia. Anesthetic is given and the scrotal skin and the entire testicle are completely numbed. Once the patient reports absolutely no pain, a 2 to 3 mm nick is made in the skin of the scrotum. About 3 to 4 samples of tissue are then retrieved directly from the testicle through this cut, and are sent to the embryology lab for processing and freezing. The patient walks out on his own minutes later.

What are the benefits of miniTESE?

For couples where the male partner has an obstruction (whether due to vasectomy, missing ducts or previous infection), this brief procedure will lead to successful sperm retrieval in about 95% of couples. This sperm can then only be used for IVF. Recovery is fast and most patients are back to work within a day. It provides for a simpler alternative to vasectomy reversal in patients desiring one child.

What are the risks of miniTESE?

Post-procedural pain is usually mild and self limited, and in most patients will resolve with use of either Advil or Tylenol. Bleeding, hematoma and infection are very rare.

Should men with sperm in the ejaculate consider miniTESE?

Yes – in a subset of men in couples where there have been multiple IVF failure using ejaculated sperm, there may be a role for miniTESE. Please come in to meet with Dr. Berookhim to discuss this further.

Is it covered by insurance?

Very often, the answer is yes. We will work with your insurance plan and submit supporting documentation to maximize the likelihood that this procedure will be covered under your plan benefits.

Why Mens Health Manhattan: Office Based Testicular Sperm Extraction (miniTESE)

At Men’s Health Manhattan, we are one of the premier centers in New York with fellowship-trained, subspecialty expertise in the management of male factor infertility and subfertility.  We work closely with and have long-standing, direct relationships with a number of the larger in vitro fertilization (IVF) and female fertility centers in New York. As the management of fertility is a team effort, these relationships foster direct and frequent communication between our center and the IVF teams and generally help to lead to better overall outcomes. 

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