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In men who don’t respond to the pills, often the next step is penile injection therapy. This sounds rather intimidating and can be a scary proposition. Our robust experience at Men’s Health Manhattan has proven this to be an excellent option, with an often strong response for those patients who are either not yet ready to consider a more permanent solution or are not candidates for more definitive treatment. The vast majority of men who use injections will report that the injection is painless, and we have a number of men who choose to inject even though they respond to the pills because the response is so potent. As with all treatment options, these injections have some risks that can be easily managed, but patients using this must be managed by an experienced medical professional specializing in the management of ED.


Why Men's Health Manhattan?

Men’s Health Manhattan prides itself on a well-earned reputation as a center of excellence providing world class care in the medical and surgical management of erectile dysfunction.  We have published multiple studies in the medical literature on this, and serve as a peer reviewer for a number of prominent medical journals for studies on erectile dysfunction. 

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